prototype: black-paint mini trip35

The Olympus Trip35 has a special place in my heart since it was the first camera I was allowed to shoot with on my own. Inherited from my grandfather who passed away twenty years ago. Unfortunately the camera was lost somewhere in the family home and when I returned to shooting with film, quickly sought one out for myself.

***This miniature’s parts move like the original, including; shutter-button, film advance, film rewind, lens, open back. Cast in brass with palladium/silver plating, hand-lacquered, heat-treated resin, 100% hand-crafted

This miniature of the Trip35 is a tribute to my grandfather and the beginnings of my passion for photography.

I have made one prototype black-paint version of this miniature camera that will not go into production. This is the only one. I will auction this for charity to aid tsunami/earthquake relief in Japan with the help of my friend Bellamy Hunt @ Japan Camera Hunter.




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