tools + process


In recent years photography has become the most immediate outlet for my creativity where time is a premium. Always having a camera with me, I can switch at any given moment to take a photo. Granted, it’s best when I can have an hour or more to walk through a new city with camera in hand but you take what you can get. I also believe if it’s something that truly makes you happy, no one will make time for you to enjoy it but yourself. So a little time management is in order as well.

For me, digital and film coexist and it’s the situation that calls for one or the other. I’ve found what works for me so gear is less of an issues and more about the compulsion to own beautifully crafted machines (old film cameras).

With the easy stuff out of the way now comes the difficult part of editing, self-critique and being more proactive about self-education/exposure to the craft. From my recent trip I went through 4x rolls of 35mm film (36 exposures x 4 = 144 frames), and posted 17 here. It would be difficult and a bit impractical to adhere to a specific number or percent that would represent the correct ratio of good to bad but I do wonder.

I am eager to post daily but restraint and time may benefit my ability to review the photos for what they are.

In the meantime…

Leica M4
Elmarit 28mm 2.8f
TriX 400


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