I only know a handful of folks that commit a certain portion of their day/life to taking photographs with a very specific mission. More often, I simply have the camera with me at all times and shoot as I go through my day. It becomes far more deliberate when I travel since I am not tied to any activity besides moving from point A to B. Given these circumstances I am having a difficult time with the direction of my work. Some projects are technical exercises and others seem more like a visual-diary (not a bad thing per se). Looking for meaning in what I’m doing today. There’s no shortage of gear, just need to shoot with intent.

the beginnings



    • Luke Satoru

      I’ve kept the Ricoh GXR and MDa but have sold the M6 & Nokton, shown in the photo. In it’s place I shoot with an M4 and M2, favoring either a 28 or 50. The M6 was mint and I felt too precious for me to beat up. Originally the M4 & M2 were broken and were brought back after CLA and recover. G.A.S.

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