in my bag: 005/3

in my bag: HK Dec 2012

*I’m getting a little lazier with my in-bag shots but it’s nearly 2am and I fly out in less than 6-hours. Again, heading to HK but this time a bit more leisurely of a trip.

Fujifilm X-e1 w/ CZJF 20mm (m42 lens)
lens blowy-thingy
SMC Takumar 135mm (m42 lens)
iPhone 3Gs (i prefer the rounded edge)
Leica M4 w/ Elmarit 28mm asph
Ricoh GXR w/ CZJF 28mm (m42 lens)
cash atop travel-wallet
Sekonic 308s
35mm film-case with SD cards atop (shooting Kodak TriX 400 and Ilford Pan F ?)
nifty SD card reader for iPad


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