sarnelli house

Last weekend I made a trip to Nong Khai from Bangkok via train to visit Sarnelli House Orphanage. They specialize in caring for orphans with HIV/AIDS in the northern region of Thailand near the border of Loas. Having just completed a small charity project to raise funds this past Fall, I was very pleased to deliver just over $3000 USD. I brought with me too much photo gear and in the end used mostly the DSLR to capture video which will be edited over the holidays. I did manage to shoot some film but along with my last trip to Hong Kong, I may wait to develop these till next month. When things have calmed down a bit.

Sarnelli House in their immediate facilities cares for 150 children from infants to teenagers. 80 of these children have HIV/AIDS from birth. While the count of HIV/AIDS cases in newborns is decreasing, cases amongst teenagers and young adults are rising. In addition to the care of these children, the orphanage outreach program also gives basic health care to surrounding villages.

A truly inspiring and life-changing experience. I have hopes for promoting an art-program for the kids in the coming year.

A little random but will explain a bit these few images below.

dinner on the train
This was a first for me, riding the overnight train in Thailand and my first meal, Phad Phra Khao Moo. If your belly is not made of steel, I suggest you bring your own meals but do a kindness and buy beers from the train attendants, they work off commission.

rural tuk tuk
This was the first sight just outside the Nong Khai train station. I wish the tuk tuks in Bangkok were like this but out in the country, these make a lot more sense.

The kids were healthy and happy. Running around on what seemed like limitless energy.

little boy messing with my camera
This image may looks a little sinister but it’s one of the boys who really took a liking to my cameras. I pretty much had to let him fire-off a few shots, most of which looked like this. It was this or let him mess around with my M4. Kids are awesome but I know what they can do to nice things.

shot w/ Canon 5D Mark ii + 50mm 1.2f L


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