This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in a photo-workshop with Adam Marelli here in Bangkok. I’ve been in a photo-rut recently and this weekend served to break that. Content aside, I was able to focus on design and particularly the challenges of shooting with a 28mm. It’s traditionally a reportage focal length since it covers a great deal of context within the frame but if placed too close to the subject, will distort the proportions of the face. For some this effect may work but I’d like to understand and have a command of the rules before I break them. A little older now compared to my art-school days I have a greater appreciation for the amount of design that goes into a well crafted photo. I don’t believe it’s an arbitrary practice of capturing an image but one that is deliberate and calculated. Like an athlete, understanding the mechanics and consistent training will eventually yield instinctive action. So what seems effortless to the casual spectator is really the product of acute understanding and dedication.

If anything, I’ve gained a number of exercises to implement and a new perspective on how to shoot.

*I would have preferred film but for the sake of the workshop and ability to review same-day, I shot with Fuji X-e1 + 18mm XF lens. All straight from jpg, I have yet to work with Fuji’s software and work in RAW.



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