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side projects

bespoke moto-chain for client // DIY leather strap for grandfather’s camera // personalized sterling silver dogtag

moto-chain bracelet
DIY leather strap + Olympus Trip35


in my bag: 005/3

in my bag: HK Dec 2012

*I’m getting a little lazier with my in-bag shots but it’s nearly 2am and I fly out in less than 6-hours. Again, heading to HK but this time a bit more leisurely of a trip.

Fujifilm X-e1 w/ CZJF 20mm (m42 lens)
lens blowy-thingy
SMC Takumar 135mm (m42 lens)
iPhone 3Gs (i prefer the rounded edge)
Leica M4 w/ Elmarit 28mm asph
Ricoh GXR w/ CZJF 28mm (m42 lens)
cash atop travel-wallet
Sekonic 308s
35mm film-case with SD cards atop (shooting Kodak TriX 400 and Ilford Pan F ?)
nifty SD card reader for iPad

in my bag: 004

in my bag

Just got back and out again for a few days, this is what I’m bringing with me to Hong Kong.

Leica M4 w/ Elmarit 28mm 2.8f asph (orange filter)
Ricoh GXR w/ 28mm module
Summarit 50mm 1.5f
Manfrotto mini-tripod
pen case
travel wallet

(not shown in photo: clothes, chargers, Filson bag, Cumpler ‘haven’ and person)

in my bag: 002

Rolleiflex 2.8f

Rolleiflex 2.8f (on loan)

Was interviewed recently about my involvement with film photography and workshops taking place in Bangkok, Thailand. When asked why I shoot with film my answer was/is, ‘because it’s fun’. I believe each occasion calls for the right tool depending on what I want, therefore digital and film coexist for me. I went on to explain that film helped slow things down and most importantly to be present in the act of taking a photo. In the end, I believe my photos have improved.

I like instagram for the same reason. I treat it as my digital lomo-camera since it’s somewhat a crappy-fixed-lens. The filters makes things a little less mundane and I’ll admit I shoot with the filter already in mind. I am a fan of ‘early bird’.