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Since I mostly shoot with film, digital photos have been more frequent on my instagram page.




old trip

Brought out the Olympus Trip35 from the dry box. I’ve always had a difficult time getting portraits with this one but I cop that to my inexperience but have to say taking landscapes is a joy. Last year posted a charity project with JCH, auctioning off a one-of-a-kind black mini-trip (click here).


LS Miniature Trip35


brass frame

I got my first tattoo when I was 15 years old on Khaosan Rd. with the help of some older friends. I probably didn’t spend more than $20 USD for two Chinese characters on my forearm. Long story short, that tattoo was removed and it wasn’t until I turned 18 did I get another one but in a place far more conspicuous. I tried for a while to get an apprenticeship when I moved to NY but with no success and ended up scratching out of my dorm room for a bit. Fast forward 10+ years, I’m building a frame and using parts from another machine to make my own liner. This is just a personal project and the most action this machine will probably see is my leg for practice.


*Recently completed wedding band with square + rectangle diamonds in a channel-setting. For added comfort I tapered the interior and bottom half of the band. With petite fingers, it can be difficult to wear these broader rings but I believe I’ve found a nice balance. Big thanks to the wonderful couple for their trust in my work. -Luke

LS channel-set band