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been a while

Too many things going on and I’ve neglected the blog. Here are a few things from the past month.

LUKE SATORU bespoke keychain (brass handcuffs)
Red & Black hand-milled soft-releases



Taking a short break from all things skulls. A rabbit and chihuahua pendant with moveable body. 925 sterling silver with chain ($100 USD at info@lukesatoru.com). These won’t appear in the regular catalog but I can make a few custom pieces. http://www.lukesatoru.com

Rabbit Pendant by Luke Satoru
Chihuahua Pendant by Luke Satoru



I appreciate and respect the art of tattooing on myself and on others. Do I enjoy the pain that comes with getting tattooed? No, but I think it’s an integral part of the process, to come out on the other end having endured the discomfort. Perhaps one day I will be completely covered with a collection of memento’s both significant and superficial.

My friend Claire recently got tattooed by monks who specialize in these protective omens. There’s a lot of magic here and I am wary to get one myself.