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catching up & hello to 2015

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone that stops by this site.

It’s been a good while since I last updated the site but that’s for lack of activity. A number of projects small and large all happening at once so haven’t had much time to catch up on posting. I still have a stack of negatives to scan but that probably won’t make an appearance till February. For now here are some images from the past several months of web-silence.

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Drawing was the first activity I ever received positive attention for when I was a kid. Rekindling that joy again in a modest journal I carry with me everyday now. Nothing complicated, just the joy of putting to paper whatever comes to mind, whatever is easy, whatever it is that I see at the moment.

“unknown artist @ block party” March 16, 2013

block party

some of my scratchings


sketches & doodles

koh samui

Not all parts of the island are jammed with hotels, bars and eateries. There are gabs and some of them quite extensive but none are necessarily abandoned. The heat is oppressive this time of year so looking at these images now I remember the smell of the ocean, the sting of sweat in my eye and the humidity folding me over.


Koh Samui 2014
Koh Samui 2014
Koh Samui 2014
Koh Samui 2014

six fathoms deep

Since I was 12 years old I knew I wanted to get a tattoo and got my first one at 15 on Khaosan Road here in Bangkok. That first tattoo is long gone thanks to familial pressures but I’ve well made up for it over the years. I had a short lived apprenticeship in the late 90’s but ended up giving my equipment away to help someone out. When we pass, so will the tattoos and I like that they will age, fade and eventually return to the earth.

Simon Erl tattooing Nic Mudskipper at Six Fathoms Deep (BKK,TH)


Six Fathoms Deep Tattoo
Six Fathoms Deep Tattoo
Six Fathoms Deep Tattoo
Six Fathoms Deep Tattoo