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been a while

Too many things going on and I’ve neglected the blog. Here are a few things from the past month.

LUKE SATORU bespoke keychain (brass handcuffs)
Red & Black hand-milled soft-releases


bp-mini-trip35 auction

charity auction 'black paint' miniature Trip35

instagram ‘early bird’

I’d like to thank Bellamy and Japan Camera Hunter for this opportunity to raise money to help those in the Tohoku area of Japan. A thank you to all those that placed a bid and donated to the cause on their own. This one-of-a-kind prototype is off to Japan to the generous donor/winner.

Thank you

charity camera auction @ japan camera hunter

To take part in this auction, please click here: JAPAN CAMERA HUNTER, CHARITY AUCTION

I will not produce another black-paint version of this camera, making this the only one of its kind.

My grandfather who passed away some twenty years ago was from Japan and it is his Trip35 which started my passion for photography. So this camera is a tribute to him and this auction is my way of honoring his memory by helping those in great need. I am very grateful for the help from Bellamy Hunt from Japan Camera Hunter for coordinating this with me. Living and working in Japan, he sees first hand the ongoing struggle to rise from this tragedy.

Please help spread the word about this auction and take part in bringing hope to those that need it most.

Thank you,
Luke Satoru

prototype: black-paint mini trip35

The Olympus Trip35 has a special place in my heart since it was the first camera I was allowed to shoot with on my own. Inherited from my grandfather who passed away twenty years ago. Unfortunately the camera was lost somewhere in the family home and when I returned to shooting with film, quickly sought one out for myself.

***This miniature’s parts move like the original, including; shutter-button, film advance, film rewind, lens, open back. Cast in brass with palladium/silver plating, hand-lacquered, heat-treated resin, 100% hand-crafted

This miniature of the Trip35 is a tribute to my grandfather and the beginnings of my passion for photography.

I have made one prototype black-paint version of this miniature camera that will not go into production. This is the only one. I will auction this for charity to aid tsunami/earthquake relief in Japan with the help of my friend Bellamy Hunt @ Japan Camera Hunter.