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a film year

Just 4-days out till my departure from the heat and into the depths of grey-snow. Here is my current travel rig sans any digital cameras for the time being, making 2013 as much a film effort as I can. Please feel free to follow me on instagram (@lukesatorujewelry), or twitter (lukesatoru).

Posting on the blog maybe a little delayed due to travel and still back-logged on scanning negs. Oh, and a belated Happy Chinese New Year to all.

luke satoru: in my bag

Filson Field Bag (medium)
Muji notebook
Officine 904 leather wallet
Namiki ‘falcon’ fountain pen
Fujifilm case
Kodak TriX 400
Ilford Delta 400
Ilford FP4 125
Fujifilm Superia 400
Sekonic 308s
Manfrotto mini-tripod
Leica MP 0.58 w/ Elmarit 28/2.8 asph
Leica M4 (1968) w/ Summarit 50/1.5
Voigtlander Vito ii


in my bag: 005/3

in my bag: HK Dec 2012

*I’m getting a little lazier with my in-bag shots but it’s nearly 2am and I fly out in less than 6-hours. Again, heading to HK but this time a bit more leisurely of a trip.

Fujifilm X-e1 w/ CZJF 20mm (m42 lens)
lens blowy-thingy
SMC Takumar 135mm (m42 lens)
iPhone 3Gs (i prefer the rounded edge)
Leica M4 w/ Elmarit 28mm asph
Ricoh GXR w/ CZJF 28mm (m42 lens)
cash atop travel-wallet
Sekonic 308s
35mm film-case with SD cards atop (shooting Kodak TriX 400 and Ilford Pan F ?)
nifty SD card reader for iPad