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adam marelli: a room for improvement

An old and dear friend of mine who’s helped me a great deal in recent years with my personal photography.


passport to eat

Very happy to have a good friend back in town, even if just for a bit. Claire Handleman is the author to ‘Passport to Eat‘ and is an all around awesome lady. She’s worked with some of the very best in the industry, travels all the time and always manages to inspire. Within an hour of her landing in Bangkok, we were already out and ready to hit some of our favorite street spots in Bangkok. Here’s a shot I took while enjoying the city’s best ‘kau-moo-yang’.

claire handleman

nahm soda (high addictive)
somtam poo

adam marelli

Adam Marelli will be in Bangkok, Thailand this coming January 25-27, 2013 for a 3-day photography workshop. For those not familiar with his work, please check out his website below. I’ve known Adam since our days at NYU some 10+ years ago, so it’s great to reconnect with him here in Asia. Not to be missed!





*Brought my P67 to watch Muay Thai fights at Lumpini Stadium. Which by the way is scheduled to be remodeled sometime this next year. A real shame as I’m sure it’ll lose a lot of its aura. An all too common occurrence in Bangkok these days as the old is torn down for the new. I’ve been here when it’s a full house and there’s nothing like it, the energy is insane. This night though it was relatively quiet but still some wonderful matches were had. I had better luck capturing some candids surrounding the action in the ring.

Pentax 67
105mm 2.4f
Kodak TMax 400