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koh samui

Not all parts of the island are jammed with hotels, bars and eateries. There are gabs and some of them quite extensive but none are necessarily abandoned. The heat is oppressive this time of year so looking at these images now I remember the smell of the ocean, the sting of sweat in my eye and the humidity folding me over.


Koh Samui 2014
Koh Samui 2014
Koh Samui 2014
Koh Samui 2014


old trip

Brought out the Olympus Trip35 from the dry box. I’ve always had a difficult time getting portraits with this one but I cop that to my inexperience but have to say taking landscapes is a joy. Last year posted a charity project with JCH, auctioning off a one-of-a-kind black mini-trip (click here).


LS Miniature Trip35



I appreciate and respect the art of tattooing on myself and on others. Do I enjoy the pain that comes with getting tattooed? No, but I think it’s an integral part of the process, to come out on the other end having endured the discomfort. Perhaps one day I will be completely covered with a collection of memento’s both significant and superficial.

My friend Claire recently got tattooed by monks who specialize in these protective omens. There’s a lot of magic here and I am wary to get one myself.